mardi 13 août 2019

To My Way Of Thinking, We Have To Make It Worth It

Expert Author Joshua Clayton
In the book by George I. Gurdjieff that goes by the title, "Life Is Real, Only Then, When 'I Am'", he ends it on a tangent when he writes about the opposing forces to an honest frame of mind or genuinely realistic viewpoint about life, and I do see why. To my way of thinking, we have to make our lives worth it ourselves, and nobody else outside of ourselves can do it for us. So, in reality, we must be present to ourselves at our deepest and shallowest levels, that is at the very least what the ending of that book tells me. At the very most, I realize that if I am going to do anything right really, I must do it the way I genuinely need and want it done, starting within myself.
Thought is a force within us, sure. We must use it to do anything worthwhile, sure. But, how many of us react or judge out of habit without too much consciousness? Sometimes too many of us. The most valuable thing in existence is conscious thought that actively works, then, otherwise we may as well be like the automatically and instinctively reacting animals in the field ruled by nature without the benefit of consciousness. I know, that seems a little extreme, but, if we want to call ourselves conscious souls, we must act like conscious souls, then be conscious souls, in that order. This is what a genuinely functional reality comes down to. Without that, we are not much, are we?
So, when I think of my reality, I do not think of the best or the worst for the most part, I just think of what is and work with it to make it the best without reactive judgement. Sure, I still have my little quirks, imperfections and flaws, but for the most part, I look at things this way for I genuinely have in my mind, my thought and my reality what it means that "only God can judge others genuinely". Sure, I think profusely, act objectively and get results honestly to the best of my ability, but I do not judge. Sure, I will have opinions and understandings, but not any judgements. Call it detachment, call it aloofness, call it what you want, but in my reality and to my understanding, only objective and honest realistic God can judge, everything else is an opinion. We must take realistic action based on facts anyway. So, to my way of thinking, we have to make it worth it for ourselves based on the realities and facts, not anything we feel it should be. That is what it comes down to for me, be for yourself.