mercredi 28 août 2019

I Am Healthy - Why Can I Not Get Pregnant?

Expert Author Susan Leigh
How often have we heard of a situation where a woman has being trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for years, adopts a child and then, surprise, surprise gets pregnant ? This is such a familiar story and one that is interesting to look at and get some insight into. It is as if the body suddenly realises that it is okay to relax and become pregnant now that there is a new baby on the scene.
Women often spend their early sexual years hoping desperately not to get pregnant. Their bodys' become used to that message, as it may well have been repeated over and over again. By the time they feel ready to start a family years may have elapsed as frequently, modern women are waiting until later in life to start families. Other factors, too, may also need to be considered.
I have worked therapeutically with many women who have been checked by their doctors and told that there are no physical reasons as to why they are not becoming pregnant. They come to see me to address any underlying emotional and/or psychological reasons that may well be behind this problem .
Some of the reasons that have been discovered in our work together are:
- what about my career ? Being afraid at losing seniority, status or competency in the workplace, because of maternity leave and child care issues.
- consequently, concerns at being seen in a different light by colleagues and also finding it daunting to face the fact that ones own priorities will no doubt change completely over night.
- finances. No matter how close to their partner, many women value their financial freedom and earning their own money. It is not unreasonable to have concerns at how their situation will be affected if a child is born. This is an area that needs to be addressed early on, to both partners satisfaction.
- independence. What happens if the relationship fails. This links in with career and finances.
- not wanting to share their partner. Some women really treasure the close bond that they have with their partner and feel a little jealous or apprehensive about the impact of a child.
- concerns about their body. Many women have worked hard to be smart, slim and attractive and are concerned that their body will change after a baby is born and their confidence will suffer as a result.
- will my partner still find me attractive ? Again, concerns about becoming a mother and carer for a child and the impact that will have on the dynamics of the relationship.
Many women are able to rationalise these fears and concerns in their heads. They have often discussed all of these matters with their partners and are in loving and stable relationships. However their unconscious minds are determined to protect them from being out of control of their situation. This is often a large part of the problem.
By using a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy many good results have been achieved in this field. This way of working allows the mind and body to find a positive solution and so, rationalise concerns to enable the desired outcome to be achieved. Sometimes couples counselling is a useful option, too, as it allows for open and frank discussion of fears and issues to be done in a supportive, neutral environment. This way both parties feel supported and understood, with any underlying concerns addressed and dealt with.